New single “Purgatory” feat. Kat Goss OUT NOW!

Thank you to everyone! The single is out and available on all major streaming platforms. Thank you for your support, please go follow and support Kat Goss as well 🙂

Alum art for Purgatory the single. A screaming medusa head is shown on a circus table. Curtains boarder the image.



Do you see her there?

Blood soaking in her perfect hair

Wrap my eyes

My silence is my own demise

Silence is my only crime

I’ll do my time

The lyrics to Purgatory touch on the scary truth of a world too afraid to speak up. When those who are doing wrong are allowed to do so freely, then we all will continue to live through purgatory, disguised as the normal. The horrifying reality of the world is easily disguised as a carnival. Those who remain on the carousel will forever be in a loop, and those who disembark will find their way through the rides until eventually, there is silence.


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