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I’m extremely honoured and excited to announce that I’ll be performing LIVE in KENYA this coming June! 🤩🙌

I’m so honoured to be performing a show and to be invited to host another guitar workshop with the Nairobi Guitar Festival at The Kenya Conservatoire of Music🤩

2018 was a blast and I’ve been dreaming of returning ever since but In a few weeks that dream becomes a reality…wow!

Thank you to everyone on the journey to making this possible, it’s been hard work so far and much more to come- but we’ve got this! Huge love and respect to you, thank you.

Stay tuned for details and more updates to follow, also make sure to join the fun:

Fri 3 Jun- Battle of the Bands Kenya- Platform 7 show- Shelter Westalnds

Sun 5 Jun- Heart of Guitar workshop- Kenya Conservatoire of music- Ballet studio


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New single “Purgatory” feat. Kat Goss OUT NOW!

Thank you to everyone! The single is out and available on all major streaming platforms. Thank you for your support, please go follow and support Kat Goss as well 🙂

Alum art for Purgatory the single. A screaming medusa head is shown on a circus table. Curtains boarder the image.



Do you see her there?

Blood soaking in her perfect hair

Wrap my eyes

My silence is my own demise

Silence is my only crime

I’ll do my time

The lyrics to Purgatory touch on the scary truth of a world too afraid to speak up. When those who are doing wrong are allowed to do so freely, then we all will continue to live through purgatory, disguised as the normal. The horrifying reality of the world is easily disguised as a carnival. Those who remain on the carousel will forever be in a loop, and those who disembark will find their way through the rides until eventually, there is silence.

The Waking World- OUT NOW

The day has come! I’m filled with joy and excitement this morning as I announce the release of my 5th solo EP “The Waking World”!

I’m so honoured and humbled to be sharing a piece of my soul with you and the world today. This record embodies some of my deepest emotions, turmoils and the journey toward finding peace and love in a world which has become so bruised, confused and hurt. My hope is for these few notes to bring you comfort should you be needing it and power and balance to those fighting and pushing for their dreams.

Let nothing cast doubt on your paths, be fierce, be strong, love and remain true to your callings. Now no doubt, but doubt not, for the mind does do bends. As sure as they once destroyed your world, the day has come to new awake.

This is the waking world…🎧 ‘THE WAKING WORLD’ now available on all platforms

Mixed & Mastered by the epic Clinton Watts at Watts Audio Recording Studio

Online Schedule- Save the dates!

There’s loads happening online! Be sure to save these dates and catch me perform online as we celebrate the release my new EP ‘The Waking World’ next Friday 2 July! It is going to be busy and epic with some surprises coming as well

EP Release ‘The Waking World’ on Friday 2 July

Heresy Fest (Argentina) Friday 9 to Sunday 11 July

La Ley del Rock (Argentina) Saturday 17 Jul 

Caio Indica Fest (Brazil) Saturday 31 July

LARVA FEST (Peru) Sunday 15 August 


A promotional image of Robyn Ferguson, a musician from South Africa, promoting her upcoming solo release- "The Waking World"

Now no doubt, but doubt not, for the mind does do bends. As sure as they once destroyed your world, the day has come to new awake. This is the waking world.

Coming: 02.07.21

Pre-Save NOW:

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